Tell us what you want in each resupply package and we handle the rest. Our experienced staff can even help you plan your entire strategy.
If you don't finish your hike cancel remaining resupply shipments. Save money waste less.
User our app to edit resupply shipments from the trail. Get exactly what you want, nothing else.
Simplifying Resupply.

Trail Supply Co. is a resupply service for long-distance hikers. Planning and successfully executing a resupply strategy is one of the hardest parts of long-distance hiking. We are here to change that.

We will purchase, pack, store and ship each of your resupply shipments to your exact specifications. We will be there for you every step of the way to ensure you have exactly what your need on the trail. We give you full control of your resupply shipments and even provide you with the flexibility to edit future resupply shipments from the trail throughout your entire hike. Talk to any long-distance hiker and they will tell you about all the resupply mistakes they made on their first long-distance hike. We are here to help you get it right the first time. Click Here to explore our online planning tools and to start planning your trip!

Experienced staff can help you plan your trip.

Visualize your trip and critical information such as resupply points, average miles and calories per day.

Pack your boxes with items from our curated selection of through hikers favorites or request any item you want.

For all Hikers, of Every Experience Level.

All hikers can utilize our online planning tools to plan their own resupply strategy and take advantage of the convenience, flexibility and insurance only offered by Trail Supply Co.. Hikers needing more help and guidance can work directly with our resupply experts that are here to answer questions and provide guidance every step of the way. Need help planning your entire trip? Contact Us to inquire about our highest service level where you work directly with our guides that can help plan your entire trip.
Free $60per box Contact Us Services Offered
Comprehensive resupply point database
Online resupply planning tools
Recommendations for supplies
Visualize your entire trip
We source, package, and ship for you
Trip supply insurance (refund unused supplies)
From the trail shipment modification
Access to ourstaff to answer questions
We work with you to plan, and manage your trip to make it effortless