Welcome to our resupply service! We started this service out of a recognition for how difficult it is for long-distance hikers to successfully plan and execute a resupply strategy. The application is not currently optimized for mobile, for the experience please use a desktop to plan your trip.

New to Trail Supply Co.?

The smarter way to plan your resupply strategy!

  • Create an account and tell us if you’re hiking the PCT, JMT, AT or PNT.
  • Plan out each of your resupply shipments. Tell us where and when you want them to arrive.
  • Pay for your resupply shipments beforehand.
  • Make changes to your resupply strategy from the trail.
  • We pack, store and ship each of your resupply shipments for you.
  • Cancel remaining resupply shipments if needed.

Have questions? Want us to help you plan your hike? Click here to chat with one of our hiking guides.